Slope Stabilization and Site Restoration

The project required a wall to retard a slide along a section of railway track. Due to space constraints, a pipe pile and lagging wall was selected to accomplish this task.

Why It

A wall needed to be constructed to properly repair and remediate the failing slip alongside a section of the railroad tracks. Conventional installation techniques were not feasible due to limited space for equipment on the hillside.

Project Specs

The railroad maintains and operates thousands of miles of track throughout this portion of the Northern US and many areas are beginning to show signs of their age. Deterioration of the existing hillsides along the tracks require remediation through precision drilling and installation of retaining walls.


pipe pile and lagging wall


conventional duplex drilled holes

7” x 20’

supplemental pipe


Coastal Drilling was tasked by the railroad to remediate a slide along a section of track. Due to the topography of the site, workspace was very limited. Therefore, Coastal elected to design and install a pipe pile and lagging wall to alleviate this concern.

Coastal had to extensively grade the site to allow access to the work location. Upon completion, the vertical holes were drilled to 25’ and each included a permanent 9 5/8”x 0.472” wall casing plus a 20’ x 7” x 0408” plain end pipe. The piles were grouted with a 5,000 psi cement grout mix. They were used to support four rows of reinforced 7’x2’x 7” concrete lagging. This lagging was staggered with a one foot overlap and with a 3’ embedment at the bottom of the wall. Still shims were also placed between the 2nd and 3rd row of lagging to facilitate drainage. Following the completion of the wall, the site was finish graded and reclaimed.

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