Rock Consolidation Grouting

Like most grouting applications, rock grouting designs can be customized to the geological conditions in which they are required. Depending on the specific underlying conditions, grout can be implemented in various forms such as cement based mixes or chemical forms. Additionally, CDE has the ability of in situ pressure testing and “real time” monitoring through state of the art computerized grouting systems.

Some of CDE’s rock grouting services address:

  • Dam construction or rehabilitation
  • Ground stabilization for subsurface excavation and tunneling
  • Water seepage control for dams and shaft construction
  • Stream grouting to restore lost flows

Rock grouting applications involve the injection of a cementitious material into the underlying rock mass for the purpose of strengthening or reducing the permeability of the formation. This is accomplished via the drilling of grout injection holes into the rock for the purpose of intercepting fissures or cavities. The grout is then pumped into the holes under pressure.

We find the best installation method for the specific mine grouting application.

Monitoring and evaluation ensure performance.

The Coastal Drilling East team of designers work together to determine the best installation method for rock grouting applications. Some methods include permeation grouting, shaft pregrouting and grout curtains. Permeation grouting is an economical means to remediate existing and potential geological and foundation elements without causing major disruption to structures. The pressure grouting process consists of the direct pressure injection of a liquefied high strength grout into voids, cracks, fractures, cavities or between a bearing media and a structure, foundation and/or bearing walls. CDE has been advancing the methods used to pregrout mine shafts and today we are reaching depths of up to 1,000′. This kind of experience ensures CDE clients receive the most cost effective solutions for the most challenging subsurface problems. Fundamental to any underground development is the ability to control the subsurface strata in which the excavation will occur. With the majority of shaft developments requiring some type of pregrout program, CDE has developed pregrout procedures and techniques that maximize our subsurface efforts and help mitigate project risks. This same technology has been utilized by CDE to construct grout curtains for numerous dam foundation grouting projects. Utilizing split spacing methods, CDE performs grout curtain installations with cement based grouts, micro-fine cements, and various forms of chemical grouts. Computer monitoring and evaluation of the grouting operation are also performed to ensure performance.

The following demonstrates just a small sampling of the successful projects utilizing rock grouting:

  • Dam construction
  • Dam remediation
  • Historic buildings / landmarks
  • Bridges – piers / abutments
  • Grout curtains
  • Blanket grouting
  • Dept. of Transportation projects

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