Directional Drilling

Real-time optical guidance and verification directional drilling with a down-the-hole hammer (DTHH) was developed for horizontal and angled drilling applications in which final tolerances are paramount. Optically guided technologies are superior to mud pulses and other similar systems as a result of the optical feedback providing a much higher resolution. Coastal’s real-time optical guidance and verification system uses an illuminated target positioned just behind the DTHH and projected onto a screen that is continuously monitored by the drill operator. The target provides real-time positioning feedback allowing the drill operator to maintain the required alignment of the bore throughout the drilling process.

Real-time optical guidance and verification drilling provides a superior alignment profile as compared to traditional error based alignment correction technologies because the drill operator is continuously monitoring and steering the drill bit. Traditional directional drilling tools rely on error based technologies that require a measurable deviation from the specified alignment occur prior to making any corrections.

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When hole alignment is deemed critically important, directional drilling provides the means to accomplish this objective. Whether the drilled hole is to function as an initial guide (pilot hole) for larger diameter drilling, or the projected bore path is highly congested with utilities and other existing features, controlling the hole location and alignment is mandatory. In these applications, the required drilling tolerances exceed those capable of being met by conventional drilling technologies. Coastal’s specially designed and constructed precision directional drilling equipment combined with our highly trained and experienced engineers, operators, and technicians can be relied upon to meet and exceed the most stringent specifications. Whether the application requires vertical or angled holes, Coastal Drilling has the demonstrated experience and capabilities to tackle a wide range of project challenges.

Coastal Drilling East Directional Drilling Advantage

Mining Applications

  • Pilot Holes for Shaft Development (blind and raise bore)
  • Utility Bores
  • Precision Drilling for Instrumentation Installation

Civil Applications

  • Rehabilitation of Water Resource Structures (Locks & Dams)
    • Drain Drilling in Difficult Locations and/or Congested Areas
    • Highly Controlled Drill Holes for Monitoring Instrumentations
  • Precision Drilled Holes for Multi-Strand Rock Anchors
  • Monolith Joint Drilling for Waterstop Installation, Repair, or Replacement

Directional drilling is performed using diesel-powered, track-mounted, hydraulic, rotary drills that are specifically designed for this application.

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