Mine Void Grouting

Mine grouting solutions are designed and implemented when surface structures are to be constructed over abandoned underground mines or voids. The underlying voids are backfilled in various manners to solidify the ground for construction and to prevent future subsidence. The specific underlying conditions will dictate the manner in which grout can be placed. The project specific grout mix can be batched on site or delivered in ready mix form.

As with all grouting applications, CDE has the ability of “real time” monitoring through state of the art computerized grouting systems.

Due to copious amounts of mining projects in the regional location of CDE, the team has vast experience with the installation of mine grouting projects. This is of particular importance due to the proliferation of new construction projects on abandoned mine sites.

The inherent underground variability and unforeseen conditions on these sites makes this experience particularly important to the mine grouting portion and therefore the overall success of the project.

We find the best installation method for the specific mine grouting application.

Monitoring and evaluation ensure performance.

Generally, void grouting installations involve duplex drilling through overburden and the injection of a cementitious material into the underlying void to fill and prevent future subsidence. Additionally, Coastal has the ability to maneuver and grout around existing structures to rectify subsidence in existing commercial or residential areas.

Coastal’s team of designers work to determine the best installation method for the specific mine grouting application. Some of these installation methods include saturation grouting where the entire void is filled, or pile grouting where piles are located and installed throughout the area.

Computer monitoring and evaluation of the grouting operation can also be administered to ensure performance. The following reflect just a small sampling of successful projects allowed with the utilization of mine grouting:

  • Retail construction
  • Dept. of Transportation
  • School construction
  • Government projects

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