Grouting technologies include both compaction and permeation techniques that are designed to provide subsurface stabilization. All forms of grouting utilize cementitious materials introduced into the underlying geological formation through various techniques so as to alter the subsurface characteristics resulting in solidified and stable mass. Compaction and permeation grouting techniques provide ground stabilization for uses such as: foundational support, bearing capacity increases, and permeability reduction.

Grouting application can be complex and challenging and CDE has the technical expertise and experience to deliver custom solutions in both compaction and permeation applications.

The CDE team has successfully completed grouting projects for a diverse portfolio of clients coast to coast. Some of the more traditional projects include: Rock/consolidation grouting, compaction grouting and mine/void grouting. Well designed and implemented grouting techniques provide our clients a cost effective means of dealing with construction challenges in complex geologies, flexibility around existing structures and the ability to be implemented in limited access locations. CDE’s ability to design grouting mixes provides custom solutions that are tailored to meet specific site or project requirements. CDE’s ability to design grout mixes utilizing an array of materials, and drawing upon a wide range of geotechnical drilling and grouting experience, each grouting project is customized to meet or exceed the design requirements and deliver the best value to our client.

The best applied grouting technology available

CDE has earned its reputation as an industry leader

CDE focuses on building strong relationships and working closely with our clients and engineers forming a project specific team to develop efficient, effective and practical solutions. This team approach ensures proactive responses in avoiding or overcoming technical challenges when working in complex geotechnical conditions. Our extensive field experience results in our clients receiving the benefit having been there and done that which leads to decisive action required to ensure a safe jobsite while staying on schedule and on budget. Our objective is to always provide the best available solutions while reducing the inherent risks associated with construction activity thus maximizing our clients’ construction dollars.

Typical grouting applications include ground stabilization for construction, dam reparations, settlement control, seepage control, general ground or rock improvement and sinkhole remediation.

Coastal Drilling East Grouting Advantage

  • CDE Proprietary grouting equipment
  • Experienced Staff – field and office
  • Projects of any size across the US
  • Full range of grouting solutions
  • Sites with difficult or restricted access/low overhead
  • For use in a wide range of ground conditions
  • Real-time monitoring and data collection

Grouting solutions are a proven method for geotechnical solidification applications and are highly customizable to meet specific project requirements.

CDE is committed to maintaining the most experienced staff while providing ongoing education for changing grouting technology. This industry expertise, combined with our diverse equipment, is demonstrated in the successful completion of projects across North America, including:

  • Mine subsidence
  • Dam foundations and grout curtains
  • Foundation stabilization
  • Bearing capacity improvement
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Shaft grouting
  • Pipe or annular space grouting