Soldier Pile and Lagging Wall

Soldier Piles are steel H piles that are vertically driven or drilled into the earth at regular intervals prior to excavation. As excavation progresses in stages, horizontal lagging in the form of timber or precast concrete is added behind the flanges to create the Soldier Pile and Lagging Wall. The lagging transfers the pressures of the retained strata to the soldier piles. Also, tiebacks can be drilled and grouted into the retained material to increase wall stability. Furthermore, the wall can be additionally reinforced by adding walers, or steel supports, between the soldier piles.

Soldier pile and lagging wall systems are very diverse and can be designed to achieve the specific project objectives. Flexibility in size, depth, construction materials and installation techniques, such as driven and drilled soldier piles, allow the wall to be tailored to the geological conditions of the site.

Soldier Pile and Lagging methods are typically are utilized for slope stabilization, remediation or earth retention and have proven to be an efficient and cost effective solution. Some of the many advantages the offer include:

  • Installation expediency
  • Flexibility of construction materials
  • Additional support can be added with use of tiebacks
  • Affordability, especially important for temporary applications

Applications for this capability range from temporary support of excavation for construction projects to more permanent solutions. Whatever the need, CDE is committed to maintaining the most experienced staff while providing ongoing education for changing soldier pile and lagging technology and installation methods. This industry expertise, combined with our diverse equipment, is demonstrated in the successful completion of various projects across North America including:

  • Schools / colleges
  • Historic buildings / landmarks
  • Retail / office buildings
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Power plants
  • Government facilities
  • Department of Transportation projects
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