Coastal Drilling East offers many engineered shoring capabilities including: Soil Nail and Shotcrete Walls, Soldier Pile and Lagging Walls and Pipe Pile Walls. These shoring options provide cost effective measures for dealing with construction challenges in complex geologies, flexibility around existing structures, and the ability to be installed in limited access locations for both permanent and temporary applications.

Shoring options afford design engineers and builders access to the best available technologies when it comes to earth retention demands in complex and challenging geologies. Shoring designs are very diverse, customizable and utilize a range of high strength materials that draw upon a wide range of geotechnical techniques. They can be implemented in a temporary or permanent manner and used in such applications as earth retention or support of excavation for construction. Types of shoring include: soil nail and shotcrete walls, soldier pile and lagging walls and pipe pile walls. Furthermore, each of these shoring installations are customized to meet or exceed the design requirements and provide the best value for our customers.

The Most Advanced Shoring Technology Available

CDE has earned a reputation as one of the best in the business

As a recognized industry leader, the CDE team focuses on building strong relationships and working closely with our clients and engineers to develop practical applications. This cooperation ensures quick responses in overcoming challenges when working in complex geotechnical conditions by taking advantage of the benefits of shoring technology. Our extensive field experience results in our clients receiving decisive action required to ensure a safe jobsite while staying on schedule and on budget. Our objective is to provide the best available solutions for reducing the inherent risks associated with construction while maximizing our clients’ construction dollars.

  • Temporary and permanent foundations
  • Support of excavation
  • Slope stabilization
  • Roadways
  • Railroad right of way
  • Bulkhead applications
  • Mine shafts

Shoring technology provides the best value through its diversity in solving complex challenges. This is achieved by varying the fundamental design elements that make up the design. Engineers modify the shoring design to accomplish goals and objectives of the project. CDE has cast aside the “one-size-fits-all” mentality as our engineers have the ability to custom design the shoring package to meet the specific performance criteria. Application specific designs ensure the proper elements are developed to maximize the benefits and contribution of the actual subsurface characteristics allowing for improved cost mitigation.

Earth retention includes both permanent and temporary applications. Shoring systems installed for permanent retention, typically used for retaining walls, can be installed with micropiles where the piles provide compressive, tension and lateral components to prevent the wall from moving. In temporary shoring applications, the micropiles are used in combination with lagging to create a physical barrier between the excavation and undisturbed areas. Additionally, soil nail and shotcrete walls can be installed for both temporary and permanent applications.

Coastal Drilling East Shoring Advantage

We’ve worked hard to earn our reputation as the best in the business. The advantages of CDE’s shoring technology are clear.

  • Experienced supervisory, field and office staff
  • Projects for temporary and permanent applications
  • Projects of any size across the US
  • Full range of shoring capabilities
  • Sites with difficult or restricted access
  • Precision work around existing utilities
  • Use in a wide range of ground conditions

Shoring solutions are a proven technology for earth retention and support of excavation applications and can be customized to various differing site conditions.

CDE has worked in some of the most challenging locations and our objective, as always, is to ensure the highest quality of service at a fair price. Our long term relationships and repeat customer base has been established through performance and solutions that return real value to the project. Subsurface construction comes with its own inherent risks, clients recognize value in knowing that their specialty contractor has the experience and resources to provide the best available solutions. Built on a strong foundation speaks to our very core competence.

CDE is committed to maintaining the most experienced staff while providing ongoing education for changing shoring technology. This industry expertise, combined with our specialty equipment, is demonstrated in the successful completion of shoring projects across North America, including:

  • New construction
  • Schools / colleges
  • Historic buildings / landmarks
  • Retail / office buildings
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Bridges
  • Railroad right of ways
  • Power plants
  • Residential applications
  • Military and Government
  • Dept. of Transportation