New Elementary School Construction

The Eastwood Elementary School, located in Morgantown, WV, is a recently completed WV DEP Environmental Award winning facility. As a Subcontractor to the General Contractor for the project, Coastal’s portion of the work included drilling strategically located boreholes, placing of PVC and injection of cementitious grout.

The objective was to construct a new elementary school on a parcel that had been previously mined. To accomplish this, the underlying voids needed to be filled to prevent any future subsidence.

Why It

Space was at a premium in the area in which the school was to be constructed. In order to build on the desired location, mine grouting was necessitated. This grouting enhanced the underlying structural soundness of the site and therefore allowed an otherwise unsuitable parcel to be utilized.

Project Specs


Base injection holes


LF of drilling


CY of grout injected


Upon receipt of the approved submittals and the Notice-to-Proceed, CDE mobilized and began drilling activities.

Holes were laid out and adjusted as necessary to prevent damage to the pavement and to avoid any interference with utilities. A track mounted rotary drill was used to drill the boreholes. All drill cuttings and water encountered in the drilling process and carried to the surface with the cuttings, was contained. PVC casing was placed through the overburden and into the void in each hole. When PVC casing was left in the hole, the top one foot of casing was removed after the completion of grouting. Grout and concrete was produced in a portable mixing plant onsite and then pumped from the batch plant to the holes. A concrete mix was utilized if a void greater than two feet was encountered. No more than 50 CY was placed in any one hole on any given day. As always, Coastal adhered to strict safety and quality assurance standards throughout the course of the project.

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